Print Settings Enforcer 1.0

Print Settings Enforcer 1.0: client service to automatically reset point and print queues to server default Settings Enforcer can help you in two ways: 1. Installed as service Installed as a windows service on the client it watches the default settings on the print queues [which point to a server, not locally installed queues] in the printers and faxes folder. If the user tries to change the default settings on any of these queues, Print Settings Enforcer will reset them to the default settings from the server. Print Settings Enforcer will not touch printer

Email Guardian for Outlook Express 1.1: Backs up all your important Email Settings, Messages, Account Settings and more
Email Guardian for Outlook Express 1.1

Cloudeight Email Backup Guardian for Outlook Express backs up all your important Email Settings, Messages, Account Settings, Signatures, Message Rules and Blocked Senders. Backs up other important Windows files such as Address Book, Stationery and Dialup Settings. Backs up important Internet Explorer browser settings, including Favorites, URL History, Cookies, and Offline Web Pages. Easily transfer email and settings from one computer to another

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NetSet 1.2.1

settings by hand? NetSet saves you time by configuring your network settings for you. With NetSet, you can change your network settings with a single key press. Quickly And Easily Switch Network Settings Forget the lengthy, cumbersome chore of finding network adapter dialogs and manually changing network settings. NetSet significantly speeds up the process of changing network settings. With NetSet, you can choose the network settings you want to

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Group Policy Object Export Import Tool

settings (like scripts, software installation etc) between Group Policy Object and Backed up Group Policy Object. You can also view and save a particular Group Policy Object settings report after filtering some settings.GPO Tools JiJi GPO Export Import enables Export or Import Group Policy Object settings with Group Policy Tools Group Policy Objects Group Policy Objects Settings GPO Policies Domain GPO Active Directory settings with Group Policy

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JimIP Switcher 3.1.0

settings (e.g. network settings for home and office network). This way you can connect to a network without having to manually reconfigure settings repeatedly. Each profile can be assigned a relevant name for easy identification. With JimIP Switcher, you can optionally configure default printer settings, WINS (Windows Internet Name Service) Server settings, and map network drives. To save a profile by automatically detecting your network settings

net switcher, ip switcher, ip changer, change my ip

Net Profile Switch 7.0: Network switcher, switch network settings on laptop
Net Profile Switch 7.0

settings on your laptop/notebook (network switcher). Ideal for laptop/notebook users, who travel from one network location to another. It is a network settings manager that switches a computer between multiple network configurations (profiles) with one click of a button. A profile can include LAN-settings (IP-address, DNS, gateway), your browser`s proxy settings (supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera), Windows Firewall settings, network drive

laptop, profile, network, notebook, networks, settings, switcher, different, switch, configuration, multiple

Settings Sentry 1.0: Protect your Internet Explorer Settings
Settings Sentry 1.0

Stop malicous web pages, software and other types of sneakware from changing Internet Explorer settings. Works like a firewall for vulnerable Internet Explorer settings. Settings Sentry Locks your settings preventing them from being tampered with. You can selectively allow or deny any setting instantaneously. Protects your start page and other selected settings. features full logging and offers visual and audio alerts.

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